Ghostwriting is the act of writing content that will be published as if written by another. That is, someone pays the ghostwriter to create the content, and then publishes it with their own name attached.

It is safe to say that in your time, you have unknowingly read content published by a personality or member of public office which was actually written by a ghostwriter.

Clients use ghostwriters because they have a message or story to convey, but not the time and/or the writing skills to do it.

Ghostwriting services include writing for

  • Blog posts
  • Columns published in newspapers or magazines
  • Books, biographies and autobiographies
  • e-Books
  • Letters or EDMs to staff or supporters
  • Cover Letters
  • Reports
  • Social media posts
  • and more.

For details of the kind of ghostwriting projects Amanda can assist you with, please contact her – she would love to hear from you.