Websites and Blogs


Your website is your online face, your storefront, your introduction.

From informative history pages to campaign-specific landing pages, your website needs to present your message in a way that will resonate with your chosen audience.

Concise, clear and effective copywriting will get your message across in a way that suits the online reader, and spurs them to take your desired choice of action.

Amanda has worked with a number of clients to create effective websites, landing pages and microsites. For more details, contact Amanda today.


Whether part of a business website or a standalone venture, blogs are a great way to share your knowledge while establishing a reputation and associated following within a chosen audience.

With the prevalence of do it yourself blog platforms growing by the day, more and more blogs are being created.

It is important to make sure that your content stands out amidst this glut of self-publishing, by being well-crafted and providing information your audience wants and needs. At the same time, content needs to be not only interesting, but also timely and regular – that means lots of content, posted at the right times.

Working with a professional copywriter can greatly assist you in this endeavour, while cutting down the drain on your time of planning, creating and posting regular content. For more information on how this can work, please contact Amanda today.